React Reference Overview

This section provides detailed reference documentation for working with React. For an introduction to React, please visit the Learn section.

The React reference documentation is broken down into functional subsections:


Programmatic React features:

  • Hooks - Use different React features from your components.
  • Components - Documents built-in components that you can use in your JSX.
  • APIs - APIs that are useful for defining components.
  • Directives - Provide instructions to bundlers compatible with React Server Components.

React DOM

React-dom contains features that are only supported for web applications (which run in the browser DOM environment). This section is broken into the following:

  • Hooks - Hooks for web applications which run in the browser DOM environment.
  • Components - React supports all of the browser built-in HTML and SVG components.
  • APIs - The react-dom package contains methods supported only in web applications.
  • Client APIs - The react-dom/client APIs let you render React components on the client (in the browser).
  • Server APIs - The react-dom/server APIs let you render React components to HTML on the server.

Legacy APIs

  • Legacy APIs - Exported from the react package, but not recommended for use in newly written code.